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Penrith District Netball Association

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We are pleased to welcome all visiting teams and their supporters to the Penrith Representative Carnival on Sunday 7th April. 


There are currently 192 teams and we have reached capacity.  A reminder that all teams are participating at the Jamison Park Netball Courts (there are no games at Hawkesbury).


Entries & Late Withdrawals

We ask that each association please check the attached entries and advise if there are any changes.

After 5pm Friday 5 April, the PDNA office will not be monitored until the day of the carnival.  If you have any late withdrawals please contact our Rep Convenor, Margaret by text on 0439 291 010.  


Carnival Draw - PLAYHQ 

The Representative Carnival draw will be available on PLAYHQ at 3pm on Saturday 6th April.

PlayHQ will be used for scoring. 

Download the NetballHQ App - Add Penrith District Netball Association to access fixtures, ladders and results.


Carnival Times

  • Round 1 will commence at 8:30am with the last round finishing at approximately 3:10pm.

  • The round number will be indicated on the windows of the Penrith Tower.

  • Games will consist of 2 x 8 minute halves; two (2) minute breaks at half time and two (2) minutes between games.

  • Matches will start and finish on the siren as indicated by the umpire’s whistle. Games will consist of 2 x 8 minute halves; two (2) minutes break at half time and two (2) minutes between games.

  • Each team must supply a ball and a scorer. Scorers should stand together and score jointly.

  • The first-mentioned team will be issued with the scoresheet for each game. Should you need additional scoresheets, they are available from Lower Control (grille at the southern end of the building).


  • A representative from the winning team is to return the score sheet to Lower Control as soon as possible after the conclusion of the game. 


Entry & Parking

  • Car Parking is available within the complex, entry is via Batt Street.

  • No Parking is permitted in the following areas:

  • overflow parking area (on the hill)

  • carpark of adjacent businesses 

  • across residential or commercial driveways

  • Local Council Parking Rangers have been in attendance at previous carnivals and have issued fines to those parked illegally. 


PLAN A - Association Tents

Tents may be placed on the football field, please allow a walkway between the tents for easy access to the courts. Tents are to be placed at least 2 metres from the court to allow for spectators to be courtside. At this stage, Penrith Council have advised that tents are to be placed on the grass perimeter of the courts. This is subject to change if the wet weather continues.

  • Tents must be anchored and weighted down.

  • No tents are to be erected on the courts.


PLAN B - Association Tents - (Wet Weather Alternative) - TBC on Sunday

If the wet weather continues throughout Saturday afternoon we will need to re-assess the safety of the football field. If PLAN B were to be activated then the tents will be placed in the carpark areas marked on the attached map.

  • Tents must be held down with weighted anchors. 



Each team must supply a non-playing umpire to officiate on their own games.  If any Association requires an umpire ($100 per Umpire), please contact the PDNA Umpire Convenor via TEXT by Saturday 3pm:

  • Shanae Terry (0410 358 069)



Penrith Netball will not be responsible for any injuries incurred during the carnival. 

Qualified Physiotherapists will be available in the Physio room located at the northern end of the main building.


Food & Beverage Services

PDNA Canteen, Coffee Cart, BBQ and Mini-Donuts will be open and available throughout the day.  


Final Draw

A PAPER draw can be collected upon registration at PDNA Upper control at the carnival between 7:00am – 7:30am. Please send either an Association representative or a team representative so we can ensure that all teams have arrived for the day.  Please refer to PLAYHQ live draw for any changes throughout the day.



Garbage bags are supplied; please leave your garbage at or in the bins provided before you leave the venue.


Upon your arrival on Sunday morning, please consult with a PDNA Executive prior to you erecting your tents. 

An inspection of the courts will be completed early morning and a decision will be made at 6:00 as to which plan we will be going with for the day.

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